Vitamin D

Vitamin D

I call this the one life saving Vitamin...for me at least.

I never knew about vitamin D until I got it checked and opps! way way below range. I asked my endocrinologist why,when,and what I could do to put the levels up and what was the effect on my body.

She looked up and of course she asked... " Do you always have that on your head?" Meaning my hijab ( which is a veil that covers head and chest and its worn by muslim women) My answer obviously yes, she then continued with" well that might be a reason why your levels are this low."

Vitamin D is produced by our bodies by the action of sunlight on the skin many experts agree that it should be considered a hormone more than a vitamin. It is best known for its ability to stimulate the absorption of calcium, iron,magnesium and zinc. When you  are outside on a sunny day the skin is producing Vitamin D, then it must be activated in the kidney in order to transform and produce a form that will help against autoimmune diseases. This is why it is so important!

Specially for us women, we go thru pregnancies,deliveries and breastfeeding  and if we aren't getting enough Vitamin D foods or exposing ourselves to some sun daily it is most likely that you  will be deficient. 

Vitamin D has awesome benefits like prevention of cancer,autoimmune deficiencies and osteoporosis, helps maintain the health of bones and teeth, assists in immune function, fetal development and cell growth. 

Best way to get your daily Vitamin D is to get some sunlight of course with proper protection and not exposing yourself at peak hours and with food...but there's not a lot of choices out there. To make sure you are deficient and you need to either take a supplement or add more Vitamin D foods check first with a Health Practitioner and get the necessary tests.

Foods that provide Vitamin D are:

  • Fatty fish like tuna,mackerel and salmon
  • If you consume dairy you can add more dairy to your diet such as cheese and fortified whole fat milk
  • Beef liver
  • Egg yolks
  • Vegetables are low in Vitamin D, but the best plant sources are dark leafy greens

Get some sunlight and grab the cod liver oil... or not and try what works best for you :)



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