Having cravings has to do with so much more than just reaching out for that cookie! Many people see cravings as a sign of weakness but on the contrary is a message from our body telling you to maintain balance.

Do you ever ask your body what it wants and why?


  • LACK OF PRIMARY FOOD: Primary food is so much more important than secondary food which is the one that we actually eat. PRIMARY FOOD is your relationships,your career and spirituality and the balance between all of them is what makes our secondary food either good or bad. Being bored,stressed out,uninspired by a job/career,or lacking of spiritual practice can all cause emotional eating, like sitting in front of the tv with a pint of ben and jerry's. Emotional eating will often fill the void of PRIMARY FOOD. 


  • WATER:Lack of water can send a message of thirst to the verge of dehydration.Dehydration can manifest as hunger,so the first thing to do is to grab a full glass of water.Excess water can also cause cravings so make sure your water intake is well balanced.


  • KEEP YOUR SUGAR BLOOD STABLE:Eat several small meals throughout the day to avoid dips in blood sugar. Eat a protein with each meal,eat breakfast,avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates,avoid sodas and sweet drinks,avoid artificial sweeteners and reduce your intake of stimulants like caffeine.


  • LACK OF NUTRIENTS:When the body has inadequate nutrients it will produce odd cravings.Strong cravings for starchy sugary food often go in hand with being overweight,chronically tired feeling sad/depressed,they can also be a a result of out of whack sugar level,candida (yeast infections) and adrenal fatigue. These imbalances can cause disease,premature aging,and make us feel drain and tired.


  • HORMONAL:If you have cravings and are under stress,feel anxious most of the time,or you have insomnia chances are that they are related to your adrenal function,specially the type of imbalance that can lead to exhaustion. You may notice an increase in caffeine needs and also craving sweets,and carbs during the night.A lack of healthy nutrition is often linked to hormonal imbalance and cause craving because you aren't getting the quality foods, like lean protein,enough fiber,complex carbs essential fats and valuable micronutrients.


Tips to succeed:

-Plan ahead!! When you plan you succeed. Have a grocery list,shop ahead,plan meals and always have a healthy snack to go in case you have cravings.

-Drink water, in between meals and before and after you start eating,make it fun by adding some lemon slices or some berries or mint.

-Take notes, have a journal or use and app on your phone that will make it easy for you to log your food and keep track.

-Clean up your pantry,get rid of foods that potentially will be a problem for you and foods that offer little or none nutritional value.

-Start reading labels and learn how to identify what is good and not for you, like ingredients you can't pronounce for starters.

-Be conscious when you eat a meal, leave the smartphone on the side or turn off your tv, really enjoy your food with any distractions.

-Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet, raw is best.


Always remember not everything works for all ,so find what works best for you!



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Golden Milk Latte