Self care can mean a lot of things and its unique to each of us, not everyone has the same needs and therefor need the same care.

I am a mother of 3 under the age of 10, I run a house and also I attempt to run a business so life gets sometimes very hectic and I am sure it is like that for most of us.

Taking care of your mind,body and soul sounds like such a task!  If we make a commitment with ourselves to dedicate some time for it, it will not only be beneficial for us but for our families as well.

We will fell better,happier and relaxed. I made a list of my top 5 self care routines for mind body and soul.


  1. GRATEFULNESS-  Being grateful can be tricky, we take for granted so many things we have going on in the right direction that when something goes south we stop to think. Practicing gratefulness can be done in so many ways. Prayer,mediation,just by saying thanks to the people we love or work with or for us.

  2. PRAYER- No matter what belief you have or religion you claim yourself to be the power of prayer is real! its so calming and comforting and its in our times alone and fully engaged where we can take the most advantage of it.
  3. HAVE FUN- We all live busy lives and its so easy to get carried away in our daily routine.STOP take a deep breath and have some fun! 
  4. BE SELFISH- I mean you can't live for others so be selfish. take care of yourself so you can take care of others.
  5. UNPLUG- This is hard for me to do, sadly i got so used to either be on the phone check the phone or just see the phone. Unplugging ourselves gives us time to focus without distractions and gives us a break of the never ending information we are bombarded with every single day.


  1. DEEP BREATHS-Learning how to breathe can be therapeutical, it will reduce your anxiety and stress and it will also increase the supply of oxygen to your brain leaving you with a state of calmness.
  2. EXERCISE-Need explanation? I mean exercising should be as important as eating.Walking,running, boxing, yoga whatever you like whatever you choose it will be beneficial for your mind body and soul.
  3. LAUGH-It lowers blood pressure,reduces stress hormones and increases muscle flexion.its also beneficial for our immune system and it may help you live longer.
  4. SUN-Sun is not as bad for us as the picture it! Although we do have to be careful with exposure it also brings so many healthy benefits, the only way we get Vitamin D in our bodies is thru sun.
  5. NAP-Not getting at least 8  hours of uninterrupted sleep can be terrible for our health.It can affect our weight,blood pressure,blood sugar and even increase our chance of developing certain types of cancer.


  1. HELP SOMEONE-Giving charity is one of the best selfless acts we can do, its brings our humanity back.Search for local charities,groups or churches that might need your help.
  2. CHECK IN WITH YOUR EMOTIONS-Sometimes its so hard to express our feeling or really say how we feel. Take a deep breath and reflect if its hard to say it write it down, if you can't write it down sing it! Find a way to express what you feel.
  3. HOME SPA/OR SPA-Take a day off and get a massage,a pedicure even getting your hair done makes a drastic difference in the way we see ourselves. Pamper yourself :)
  4. ASK FOR HELP-Felling overwhelmed is not fun, and asking for help can be difficult but sometimes it has to be done.ITs nice to know we have people to count on and in time of need they are there for us.
  5. MEDITATE-Meditation is such an incredible tool for self care. Sit down 10 minutes alone and in silence and just be  there present,control your breathing and reflect.


Slowly try any of this routines and tips above, remember practice makes perfect and it takes 21 days to for a new habit. Always keep in mind what works for you :)