First Blog Post of this new year and I wanted to share with you products that I have been loving!  The quest for good clean products can be challenging I personally spend lots of time reading ingredients and sorting through what I like and I don't, it is so important to pay attention to them and educate yourself in whats good and what isn't.

This list includes some oldies that I have been using for years that have been fundamental in my wellness journey and have changed in a positive way my overall health. 

Cocokind Turmeric Stick

This is seriously THE best spot corrector! Whenever I get I pimple or a blemish or even when I see any type of inflammation I rub it in and it takes care of it. Its perfect for traveling, I personally use it every night after cleaning my face and leave it in 15-20 min or sometimes I just leave it overnight. Turmeric does stain so be careful with your clothes and pillows.  Buy it here.


The Coconut Cult

Bursting with 25 billion of probiotics per serving this yogurt is everything you want IN a yogurt. This is one of the best non-dairy yogurt alternatives out there, Its creamy,tangy and so delicious good on top of anything. Taking probiotics daily is so good for gut health! Your immunity lives in your gut,so its fundamental for your to take care of it. Buy it here.


Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV has been part of my daily routine for over a year, its one of those products that is good for everything. Its believed  that lowers cholesterol ,reduces blood pressure ,improves skin health and speeds up your metabolism, read more here. I take 2 tbsp of ACV dissolved in 12 oz cup of water with juice of 1 lemon and some honey.You can find it in all supermarkets but if ordering online Buy it here. 


                 Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Few years ago I saw every single wellness and food blogger raving about this powdered form of collagen, I at the time needed something badly to keep my hair from falling and also I was having LOTS of stomach issues. I can credit this collagen for bringing my hair back and for making my nails not peel like onions every time I took my nail polish off! It has been a VERY important part of my health and wellness journey , you can add it to your coffee or water, even do desserts . Buy it here.


Moon Juice Shop Brain Dust

I have been a FAN of Moon Juice Shop dusts for years their quality is excellent and the ingredients are superb! Its a mixture of adaptogens ( herbs that make your body ADAPT better to stress) and super mushrooms, makes me feel focused, alert and awake. Just what I need every single morning. Buy it here. 


      HUM-Hair Sweet Hair

Because of my headscarf I try to find products that will make my hair stay healthy and strong, my hair gets limited amount of sun and air so it is important for me to take in some extra nutrients to make sure it is still how its supposed to be. I was never into hair gummies, I saw some a few years back advertised everywhere and after reading the ingredients...YUCK! I was super excited to see these one in the market and had to give them a try, so far happy with the results and they taste amazing! Buy it here!


My Kind Organics Multi-Gummies

Multi-Vitamins are important for kids, specially if you have picky eaters, this gummies are vegan,non-gmo and packed with nutrients and antioxidants everything I love about a product. Buy it here.  


Schmidt's Deodorant

Conventional deodorants are HIGHLY toxic and all of those toxins get absorbed by our skin and go directly to disrupt our estrogen levels, some studies say they kill the natural bacteria we have in our armpits, also have been linked to breast cancer, so if you are still using conventional deodorant this might be a good choice for you. These one is my favorite smell, they have several options.               Buy it here.

YTTP Kale+ Green Tea,Spinach,Vitamins

This has to be my ALL time favorite face wash! I have VERY dry skin, I get out of the shower and my face cracks of how dry it is, not anymore! This cleanser locks the moisture in and its packed with super foods and antioxidants and its free of all the ingredients that harm your health. Its perfect for ALL skin types.              Buy it here.


Oh She Glows Everyday Cookbook

I wanted to Include a book in this list but was torned apart with so many good choices. This one in particular I purchased when I first wanted to start eating more  plant based foods and really was clueless on what to do and where to start. It has many kid approved recipes and family sharing options and its super easy to follow through.I am sure you will love it! Buy it here.   


Hope you guys enjoy all this products as much as I do!